Teaching Philosophy

Jesse Sawka

Teaching Philosophy

As I continue to grow as a pre-service teacher to become a future educator I hear the guiding words of a professor echo in my ears saying, live fully to teach well.  These words have stuck with me ever since and continually help me grow to the best of my abilities each day.

In order to learn we must have opportunities for experience.  The best learning tool is actively participating.  Learning should be an engaging process where imagination is present and flowing creatively, thus adding to create a positive classroom atmosphere further providing collaboration to inspire others.  We learn from each other.  As a teacher I will learn alongside my students.  Becoming a good teacher means always using a critical reflecting lens and constantly asking ‘what can I do to improve?’.

Students enter the classroom carrying their own unique skills and talents they gain through life experience.  As an educator I believe in adapting to provide learning styles to incorporate different types of learners to enhance these skills of individual students.  Children will believe they are capable of anything until someone tells them otherwise.  In developing as an Early Childhood Educator my goals and aspirations are to quench students’ questions with knowledge and let them believe they are capable.  I have a passion to make a difference in a student’s life whether it is big or small and I believe children know when you genuinely care.

Society often predetermines students’ position of whether they are privileged or oppressed within the education system, but in trying to incorporate social justice in the classroom I believe educators are giving students an opportunity to succeed.  Addressing Treaty Education in the classroom is an important aspect educators should be teaching because we are all treaty people. Treaties are a shared agreement to benefit us all.  Improving the future starts by acknowledging past events and tying them to contemporary issues.  Technology is a limitless learning tool in today’s society and is increasingly growing in the classroom.  As educators I believe we need to find the balance of how technology can enhance our critical thinking and not over compensate or be excluded in the teaching and learning process.

Following a career in education is a complex journey and should be travelled with support.  Building a network of mentors, colleagues and community members to collaborate with is beneficial in all areas of teaching.  We learn from others and by expanding our connections we increase our knowledge base.  Trying new opportunities and new experiences constructs a holistic approach to education.  Education holds high value and should be a challenging and rewarding experience for all learners and educators.


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