Chirping? Peeping? Tweeting? … From the Eyes of the Technologically Illiterate

This morning in my seminar we started off with an intriguing tweet.  I must note though I am currently not a very technological person and I do have a bias that technology is often overpowering other teaching methods.  However, I am keeping an open mind and I am slowly coming to terms in grasping a side of technology that I can use in my own future classroom.   Bit by bit I see that technology really does have a lot to offer, I just have to learn how to utilize the positive aspects of it.  After today’s seminar I have been inspired to consider creating my very first twitter account, which I once told myself I would NEVER create.  My aspiring thoughts have all been provoked by the tweet which stimulated questions along the lines of: “Is Curriculum set in the Stone Age and is it necessary to be memorizing the multiplication table when technology is readily available to provide support?”.  When I first reflected upon the tweet and the questions it arose I became defensive that the multiplication table was even being considered debatable as no longer useful or necessary in this day and age because I have always thought of it as the foundation for math and critical thinking skills.  How could a core foundation be eliminated from the education system?  Which also led me to feel annoyed by how technology seems to overrule what I believe are important aspects in critical thinking, due to the fact we are slowly becoming over-dependent on technology and losing certain skills and knowledge as this happens.  However, as we carried out our group discussion I came to realize that yes, the multiplication table is necessary, but the ways of teaching this material may be in fact ‘stuck in the stone age’.  Why not use technology as an aid in learning the multiplication table, rather than strictly expecting memorization to be the only learning tool?  Youth are focused on technology because that is the direction society is giving them to follow.  Many students will find strength in technology and many will be limited or oppressed because they have lack of access.  As educators I believe we need to find the balance of how technology can enhance our critical thinking and not over compensate or be excluded in the teaching and learning process.  The curriculum is often set in Stone Age ways by using memorization to produce successful students, which is something I have personally overlooked until Katia stated; “you all have a good memory and that is what makes you a good student and that is what makes you succeed and look now you are here, but what about the students who do not have the ability to memorize?  How do they succeed?”.  I am privileged in the education system, but how can I teach to privilege every student and their learning needs?


7 thoughts on “Chirping? Peeping? Tweeting? … From the Eyes of the Technologically Illiterate

  1. Wow… I missed this class but it sounds like it was a very interesting and thought provoking discussion. I never really thought about the multiplication table that way. I was always able to memorize so I guess I took it for granted, not really realizing that some people just can’t memorize. I guess it is important to rethink the Stone Age way of doing things in the education system so that kids with all different types of learning styles can learn what is being taught.

    • Thank-you for your feedback! I’m glad I could fill you in on what you missed during seminar. The class opened my eyes to some new perspectives I have never considered before. It definitely reminds educators to always be using a critical lens.

  2. I’m glad to hear that the Faculty is opening you up to so many new ways of thinking! Twitter truly is a great resource to connect with other educators, get great resources, or have discussions surrounding issues in Education. I hope you continue to realize that it is a tool for your professional development and not a hindrance! Give @kfidelack a follow so I can follow you back! 🙂

    • Thank-you for sharing your thoughts! It’s amazing how much I have grown through the program since I first entered the doors of the University. I’m definitely expanding my knowledge base and comfort zone in joining twitter! I haven’t done it yet, but I plan on it this weekend. I’ll be sure to follow you! 🙂

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