Technology Unleashed

The changing nature of learning is bringing forth new innovative ideas and discussions, further leading to more critical thinking and questioning responses.  Technology started as one-way communication, where viewers were exposed to a broader view of knowledge.  Now technology has grown to expand into a 2-way form of communication.  Through technology, learning circles are expanding, not only by listening and being aware of the knowledge we have access to, but by realizing there are no limitations.  Using a little or a lot of technology keeps education connected to the globalization of our society.  Everyone is able to have a voice over the internet.  This is where a teacher can use this benefit toward social justice, and in helping students find their voice.  Along with positive outlooks of technology, we must acknowledge the negative aspects, especially in regards to cyber bullying or in technology dominating the classroom environment. Teachers should keep in mind that technology is not the only resource available for teaching social justice and should be used in moderation to other teaching methods or strategies.  Too much is no good.  Letting technology over power the classroom imbalances the classroom environment by privileging technology over some good ole scissors and glue.  Not all learners will find strength in technology and as a teacher, providing many opportunities in the classroom is essential to holistic learning.  The internet can be a beneficial and dangerous place; however, utilizing the internet in the classroom to stay connected and to build learning networks with technology increases learning.  As Katia stated in the lecture, “you can’t teach drivers Ed. without ever getting in the car” (2014), which parallels teaching social justice, ‘you can’t teach social justice without trying something new’.



2 thoughts on “Technology Unleashed

  1. I really enjoyed your blog post about technology Jesse! You raised many good points that I agree with about the importance of trying something new with technology but doing so carefully and in moderation. Your point about Katia saying that you can’t teach driver’s ed without getting into the car, also resonated with me because it would be a disservice to send our students out into the world without having any experience with technology. I am still feeling very uncertain about teaching very young children (around grade 1) with a great deal of technology because I personally feel that there are so many other ways to engage them in learning and using their imagination that are vital to their personal growth and development. Hopefully finding that balance between hands on learning and using technology will be easy to find after some teaching experience is gained. Thank you again for making me think and for solidifying my personal beliefs about technology in the classroom.

    • Thank you for your wonderful feedback!! I appreciate the points you raised and I’m glad to hear I’ve helped you out with what I had to say! I think that technology in the classroom is very complex and there are so many angles to view it that sometimes it becomes over whelming! However, having an amazing group of pre-service teachers (such as yourself) makes it easier to understand and carry out new tactics for the classroom. Critical thinking and reflecting is essential, and I’m happy you shared your perspective.

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