‘Ripple Effect’

‘Out Front’ (111)

-Annie Johnston

Johnston begins to dip her toes in the pond of complexity associated with homophobic acceptance, in hopes of spreading a ‘ripple effect’ of support.  Hearing of homophobic students on suicide watch because of ‘gay bashing’ is only one of many cases Johnston experiences daily.  Johnston is reaching out and raising awareness that “homophobic ridicule is held over the heads of all young people—it is one of the main means by which gender roles are enforced” (113).  Taking the time to support and listen to student inquiries is essential.  As a teacher, Johnston shows us the challenge she pushes through by sharing her inner thoughts, “this is not what I can do today.  But instead I said, ‘what do you need to talk about’?” (112). Go the extra mile and you can make a difference.


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