Everything that Happens At School…

‘Brown Kids Can’t Be in Our Club’: Raising Issues of Race with Young Children (83)/ What Can I Do When a Student Makes a Racist or Sexist Remark? (93)

-Rita Tenorio

Tenorio discusses the fact that young children internalize bias and racial concepts within their short life experiences because “children mirror the attitudes of society” (84).  Allowing students, even at a young age, to have the opportunity to discuss and answer questions involving race, constructively teaches students that they have the power to change society’s negative concepts, associated with race.  Overlooking racial issues in the classroom deprives children from learning because “Curriculum is everything that happens at school” (93), and without addressing these issues, how will students learn about race, aside from stereotypes?  Addressing racial concerns is a part of teaching social justice; therefore, the subject matter can be discomforting, which is why this should not be ignored, but instead brought forward.  Leaving racial or sexist remarks untouched in the classroom places them in the ‘hidden’ curriculum, where dominant society is privileged and the minority becomes oppressed.


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