“We Are All Treaty People”


To sum up Claire Kreuger’s presentation this morning on treaty education, in one word is: INSPIRING!  Throughout my education path so far I have always felt uncertain in regards to treaty education.  During the presentation, as a colleague mentioned, I literally took a sigh of relief.  Kreuger took all the questions and concerns I had swirling around in my head, about treaty education, and smoothly ironed them out.  A piece that really stuck out for me was when she stated: “you cannot wait until you feel fully competent because you will lose your teaching moment” (Kreuger, 2014).  This brings me a lot of reassurance in knowing that by making mistakes and not knowing everything, I contribute to the learning process.  In fact, as Kreuger puts it, “train wrecks are the most memorable, where students learn the most” (2014).  Treaty education is a challenge and Claire Kreuger helped me realize that I am capable in meeting this challenge.  The worst that could happen is I could make a mistake; though, from that mistake I can grow from it alongside, the students, colleagues, parents, and the community.


6 thoughts on ““We Are All Treaty People”

  1. I too was inspired by Claire’s lecture! Treaty education is something that I view as very important within schools, but I don’t know much about it and it made me wary that I would make mistakes and teach my future students misinformation. I was happy to learn that these mistakes provide teaching moments that really resonate with students. Will you take some of Claire’s ideas for treaty education and bring them into your own classroom, such as her collaboration with Elders from the surrounding community?

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts regarding treaty education! I will absolutely use some of Claire’s ideas in my future classroom. I believe stories are very important in the learning process, so I will try my best to bring Elders into the classroom. Elders are one of the most valuable teachers we can learn from. I would also like to include Claire’s representation of European contact with First Nation peoples to that of an ‘alien invasion’, in my teaching. I think it provides great imaginative visual imagery to some of the complex concepts discussed in the history of treaty education. I hope you found inspiration in some of her ideas she presented that you can carry with you, into your future classroom to share with your students.

  2. Awesome blog Jesse! After our seminar today when Katia said that Claire had not had other teachers in the school follow in her footsteps, I thought to myself, we certainly will! I also enjoyed her idea of the alien invasion to teach about European contact because that whole concept is very important and is often only taught from the European perspective. Unfortunately, the curriculum and information that we are given to teach is often created by the dominant white race and it therefore misses the key and crucial information that is the truth. We as teachers must break down these barriers and tell our students the truth so that they can see our imperfections and so we can all work together to make our society a better place. Keep up your great work ! I really enjoy your blog because it challenges me to think beyond my comfort zone 🙂

    • Thank you for such a wonderful comment & amazing feedback! I certainly was deeply surprised in hearing about the lack of support Claire had and has in pursuing treaty education. It was an eye opener and made me think; this is exactly why we are learning to strive for social justice in education because it clearly is not fully established in school systems. It does lift my spirits however, when I realize we are the future teachers who are able to make that change, with the support of each other! Even though we may go our separate ways in teaching, we can look back and find hope in knowing that somewhere, someone else is striving to make a difference too. We have many challenges and implications ahead, but that is what makes teaching so rewarding. Overcoming barriers and feeling a sense of accomplishment nonetheless, pushes us forward in the uncertain journey of teaching! 🙂

  3. I definitely have to agree with you there Jesse! I LOVED her presentation and the fact that she laid all the fears out right there on the table for us all to see. Her mistakes were my exact thoughts so my goal now is to really challenge the information I have received previously about Treaty Education and see what I can bring to the classroom. Although the idea still makes me a little nervous as I want to bring the correct and appropriate knowledge to my students, I feel as though Claire allowed me to face some of those fears already. Challenging our thinking is the first step to success!

  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Treaty Education! I do believe the guest presentation solidified us in believing in ourselves and how we are capable to carry out Treaty Education in the classroom. Hearing how she had no support encourages me to try to build a supporting network as a pre-service teacher with colleagues such as yourself. Knowing we are not alone is a great foundation to expand our critical thinking.

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