Teaching Through the Image of a ‘Researcher’

Everyone has an image of the ‘perfect’ or ‘good’ teacher idealized in their head, and Kumashiro goes to expand on the three images of a teacher; consisting of, teachers as practitioners, researchers, and professionals.  In doing so, we are trying to desperately define what it takes, and what image portrays an overall ‘good’ teacher. This made me reflect to my application essay on “what makes a ‘good’ teacher”.  From comparing the reading to my essay, and my experience, I have learnt that there is no solid definition of a ‘good’ teacher.  When we try to specifically define a ‘good’ teacher oppressive or normative values confine teaching.  In my opinion, from my personal experiences, I believe that my image of learning to become a teacher, in this program, relates to the teacher as a ‘researcher’.  I am constantly expanding my knowledge, but not by trying to grasp all of the answers and subject matter because that is impossible.  Instead, I am learning to evaluate concepts critically from all angles and perspectives.  Key concepts that regularly show up in my classes are the ideas of culture, society, the ‘hidden’ curriculum and race.  With these concepts I have learnt to work with colleagues in collaboration to challenge views, in order to construct an anti-oppressive teaching environment.  Learning as a ‘researcher’ bridges the gap of theory and practice, which is important because they are two different concepts that relate together, and influence teaching methods. One must remember that a ‘good’ teacher is, “not what someone is, but something that someone is always becoming” (15).  Once we stop to fix our identities and teach a repetition of knowledge we become oppressive, rather than enhancing anti-oppressive strives to become a ‘good’ teacher.


2 thoughts on “Teaching Through the Image of a ‘Researcher’

  1. Very good reflection, this really stuck out to me because there are so many people who are trying to be that said “good” teacher. What they do not realize is they can never be such because nobody has outlined what it looks to be a good teacher yet. It is near impossible because people are not capable of always knowing the right answer. They can however, give students their idea of what they think is right. Through this process we will be constantly expanding our own knowledge as well as the students we are trying to connect to. That is what I got out of the teacher as researcher style of teaching; that we are constantly expanding what we know because of the ever changing world around us.

    • Thank you for your insights! I value your expansion on the problematic term of being a ‘good’ teacher. I’m glad we could relate to the fact that there is not one solid definition of what makes up a ‘good’ teacher. I think so many educators spend a majority of their time searching to be ‘perfect’ & forget that each teacher has different strengths. I also really like your comment at the end stating , “we are expanding what we know because of the ever changing world around us”. Teachers are forever growing & learning alongside their students.

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